SLAM Rally 2010 - Don't Kill Live Music

The SLAM rally was the largest cultural protest in Australia’s history.

Photo by leah Robertson
Photo by Leah Robertson

Couldn’t make it to the SLAM rally? Want to re-live the good times?

Here are the transcripts of the speeches made on the day:

And, here are some videos

A Thank You from Helen Marcou, SLAM…

Helen Marcou and Quincy McLean
Helen Marcou & Quincy McLean
Photo: Carbie Warbie

For months we have met most weeks, sometimes more, poured over documents, attended meetings with bureaucrats and politicians we’d never thought we’d go to, some amicable, some screaming, we’ve had disagreements with each other and amazing revelations, we’ve talked to the press every week and sometimes every day, we’ve been photographed and recorded (sometimes in very unflattering circumstances)we’ve been courted by all different types of politicians and have been offered money for commercial ventures that wanted to buy into the SLAM name and trusted brand only for them to find that political pressure groups don’t go better with coke!! We’ve neglected our business and our families and had been consumed by getting this right and now move on to the bigger picture, it’s been a fighting year of ‘The Metal Tiger’, our biggest reward will be to see a flourishing music community for our children to enjoy.

I’d personally like to thank all the SLAM frontline who have continued their work behind the scenes over the last 8 months and all the volunteers who helped make the rally such a success.

Quincy McLean, for his crazy vision and bull like tenacity
Bek Duke, all rounder and very important to the rally and ongoing campaign.
Mish Vreeman & Ang Henley, both worked around the clock in the lead up to the rally and petition delivery.
Hannah Fox & Tom Supple, rally event coordinators, ensured the safety, management and the efficiency of the whole operation
Cass Wigley & Meccamedialight web design
Boruk Gradman, artwork
Frank Trobianni, the amazing ‘Don’t Kill live Music’ logo
Stephen Sabbatino, arranged all the merchandise free of charge
Andrew McGee & Kerry Smith
Emily Alvis, Julie Montan, Alice Jamison-Dowd
All Bakehouse Staff
Brigitte Hart, who came back from a long overseas trip to a broken music scene, and set the challenge to us to fix it
Larry Ponting, Johnson Audio
Paul Drane
Brian Nankervis, our Pied Piper
Peter Luscombe, James Black, Mark Ferrie & Ash Naylor, Rockwiz Orkestra
Dan Sultan, Vicka Bull, Paris Wells, Swanee & Kram, our celebrated performers
Tim Rogers, Evelyn Morris, Claire Bowditch, Irini Vela, Dobe Newton, Ian Bland, Paul Kelly, Rick Dempster, Jon Von Goes, Wilbur Wilde, Andy Sugg, Scott Tinkler, Stephen Grant, our speakers
Our main spokespeople who need to be congratulated are: Claire Bowditch, Kram, Tim Rogers, Dan Sultan & Jon Von Goes
Angus & Lola McLean, thanks for your patience
To all the Volunteers who gave up their time to assist and be marshals on the day of the rally
James Austin, Health & Safety Officer
Maureen Tarbett, our courageous and wonderful truck driver
Behind the scenes for the last 8 months have been:
Jon Perring, Anne O Roarke, Kirsty Rivers, Peter Chellew, Nick Tweedie, Patrick Donovan and all the contributors to the FG4LM thread, particularly Dr Shane Homan, Dr Kate Shaw, Dr John Wardle, Stephen Grant, Andy Suggs, Robin Birch, Tim Northeast
Jacob Gretch and Brian Boyd from Trades Hall

S.L.A.M. is Save Live Australia’s Music, a non-politically aligned, independent entity made up of musicians and music-lovers.

In a bid to address street violence Liquor Licensing Victoria (LLV) has introduced sweeping changes with unintended consequences for the local music scene.

LLV should admit its mistake and make simple changes immediately, acknowledging that there is no link between live music and high risk. The Tote is gone, who’s next?

On 23 February, coinciding with the 34th anniversary of AC/DC’s famous ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’ film clip shoot down Swanston Street, S.L.A.M. is protesting in support and celebration of Victoria’s music scene, where new liquor licensing laws threaten to pull the plug on live music.

Meet at 4pm outside the State Library to make your way along Swanston Street and up Bourke Street to Parliament House to hear guest speakers from 6 to 7pm.

The RocKwiz Orchestra with guest performers will lead the rally, repeating the three chords from ‘It’s A Long Way to the Top’ in the back of a flatbed truck as we follow – ALL 10,000 PLUS OF US – holding placards and instruments chanting down these ridiculous laws. Over the famous riff new lyrics will be created, such as ”So the Tote’s been shut down, send Sue MacLellan [LLV Director] on her way”.

Rally organiser, former Blue Ruin singer and independent music producer, Quincy McLean, has contacted Victoria Police and Melbourne City Council to secure a permit for the protest. He said, ”this is going to happen whether they like it or not. There’s too much momentum, it’s too big to stop. It’s like Moomba with a message. Whenever a natural disaster happens, musicians are the first to put their hand up to offer support. Now it’s time for the public, who get music free online and on the radio to give support back to the music they love so much.

“The only way left for musicians to make money is through live music, and that rug is suddenly being pulled out from underneath them. It’s the 2am lockout all over again. It failed in the UK, then failed here.”

Lack of support for this precious industry has gone on for too long! Celebrate the diversity of Victorian music. Be one of the thousands of musicians and music supporters who will make this a day to remember!

Music means many things to many people, but the most important is that it IS passion, creativity, happiness and life for many people. So please come and help support one of the best things that Australia has to offer: live & local music.

Invite everyone and if you can’t attend please sign the petition. If you are reading this you love music. Keep it alive by keeping it live.