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The money collected by SLAM is used for our Fighting Fund.

We receive no grants, no funding. We are proud of our independence. And we need your help.

We have to raise up to $10,000 per state each year to help cover our costs towards initiatives like National SLAM Day, to fund research and pay the phone bills.

While we absolutely welcome direct donations, we have also established incentives via crowdfunding that will reward you with unique offers from our generous, talented supporters via Pledge.




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Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) covering You Am I’s classic ‘Jammie’s got a Gal’


“Jammie’s Got A Gal was a song off the second record I worked on for You Am I, Sound As Ever. Something about the song always stayed with me. I love a personal song, drawn from personal experience, and this number about Tim’s brother and former bandmate leaving the band and his mates for a girl somehow rang true. It spoke to a young musicians dilemma trying to get and hold a band together, and, on a larger scale, about how life changes around you when you sometimes least expect it.  That the title was a play on Aerosmith’s then-current hit, “Janie’s Got A Gun”, didn’t hurt either.” – L.R.


Tim Rogers (You Am I) covering Lee Ranaldo’s ‘Stranded’

“Lee has been a friend and a huge inspiration to me for 20 something years.

His hunger for art in all its glorious forms has often bewildered, but always bewitched me.

I could have chosen one of about 25 songs of his I wanted to do, but “Stranded”, as a passionate, direct evocation of love and lust, was a noble and honest feat from a correspondingly noble man.” – T.R.

To enhance SLAM’s 7” series, highly respected visual artists have embraced the opportunity to work with their musical contemporaries

Artwork on this limited edition release is by New York Artist Leah Singer



Gotye & Perfect Tripod cover the Reels’ 1981 classic Qusimodo’s Dream

Quasimodo’s Dream, was voted number 10 in the top Australian songs of all time by APRA has now been reinterpreted by Gotye, with Perfect Tripod (featuring Eddie Perfect &Tripod).

SLAM approached Wally (Gotye) to represent them as a SLAMbassador after he’d just caught Tripod’s show at the Sydney Opera House. Wally was taken by the idea that Tripod were working with Eddie Perfect on a show of Acapella renditions of the classic Australian songbook and the seed was planted for the group’s version of Quasimodo’s Dream.

Gotye’s voice is pure and the harmonies of Perfect Tripod create an orchestral ambiance that soars and leaves the listener filled with emotion.

Patricia Piccinini’s visual interpretation of Quasimodo’s Dream is an exciting addition to the project.



For devoted SLAM fans we still have Tshirts, gig tickets, music lessons and dream dinners available via Pledge

With an all star line up of contributors including: Tame Implala, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Iggy Pop, Rodreiguez, Dan Sultan, Wally De Backer, Something for Kate,Claire Bowditch, members of Midnight oil, The Living End, The Drones. We even landed a dream dinner with Marieke Hardy and The Prime Minister!!


You can donate directly to SLAM

If you’d like to help and don’t need to take up the generous rewards offered by our musicians, you can donate directly via bank transfer to:

SLAM (Save Live Australia’s Music) LTD ACN 162102598

Westpac: BSB/Account No: 033031 / 284940

Unfortunately these donations are not tax deductible. We highly value this level of support.


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Where will my money go?

Your donation will go towards paying bills and out-of-pocket expenses like:

artwork, web building, project managing, policy writing, publicists, photography, printing, distribution, legal fees, bookkeeping, printer ink, postage and other ongoing expenses.


Why not government or corporate sponsorship?

SLAM’s role is to politicise and publicise issues relating to live music. At times we need to be highly critical of Governments – Local, State and Federal – so it is crucial to our independence that we are not beholden to any government. We value the support of businesses and corporations, however we have currently chosen not to enter partnerships. There is no exclusivity with SLAM – the movement belongs to the grassroots music community.