SLAM aims to see the live music sector protected and nurtured so it can prosper and grow organically in small venues, cafes, backyards or wherever people want to play and listen to live music.

Regulatory barriers that inhibit artistic expression and creativity must be addressed. SLAM has successfully advocated for change but much more still needs to be done. The live music sector is like an ecosystem and if one part is under pressure then all parts are impacted. 

Governing bodies can do a lot to reduce regulatory burden and support the live music sector. Some States lead the way on particular issues such as liquor licensing, planning and environment protection and examples of best practice should be adopted nationally. For example, New South Wales has addressed issues in relation to the Building Code and liquor licensing, however, one vexatious neighbour can still shut down a venue due to the NSW Government failing to implement the agent of change principle. 

Each State faces similar issues but the level of impact on local music scenes differs. Find out what issues face your local music scene and what needs to be done to support contemporary music across Australia: