Queensland contemporary music: What needs to be done

Adopt a local approach to music issues


  • Issue: Brisbane has the only dedicated Special Entertainment Precinct in Australia.  Fortitude Valley has a unique clustering of venues and entertainment operators that makes the Special Entertainment Precinct appropriate.  Many areas across Queensland (and Australia) want to borrow this model but the reality is that one size doesn’t fit all and in fact, one size doesn’t fit many.
  • Most large regional cities in Queensland have current and complex issues impacting on the security of live music venues, particularly Cairns and the Sunshine Coast.
  • Action: Original and unique solutions are required across Queensland and such solutions require many players to be brought around the one table. This can only be achieved by a fundamental belief and valuing of the importance that live music has on the cultural, economic and social wellbeing of our communities.


Consider business impacts on live music businesses


  • Issue: In 2012, the Queensland Government changed the date of the Labour Day long weekend from May to October, severely affecting several music festivals that are typically organised around the public holiday such as Groovin’ the Moo and Charters Towers Country Music Festival.
  • Action: The Queensland Government must consider the impact of regulatory, legislative or other change on the live music industry as a particular group of businesses.


Implement change to address ongoing issues


  • Issue: Queensland’s live music industry faces ongoing issues such as: rental affordability; gentrification of inner city areas where traditional live music venues have operated; no distinction between live music and recorded music with noise curfews; regulatory costs that are prohibitive to many new and emerging live venue operators; and perceptions of connection between violence, alcohol and music.
  • Action: The Queensland Government must demonstrate its commitment to the live music industry by developing a strategy to address known problems impacting the industry.